NodeXpress - Node JS High Performance & Scalable eCommerce Platform

Our NodeXpress - NodeJS ecommerce platform provides a client friendly, high performance and scalable platform our clients.  Capable to run massive online store holding huge data like 10M products on i7 machine

NodeXpress eCommerce Platform

High Performance & Scalable Applications

The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform is capable of handling millions of products with ease. The NodexPress code and DB queries are optimized to ensure the response time as minimum of 1.5 seconds as possible. We tested on a single i7 Desktop machine which can hold more than 10 million products. Also  single i7 12th gen Desktop can handle 800 to 1000 concurrent users. 


Modular Architecture

The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform is written in modular way so that modules can be  easily plugged in/out. Modular design offers benefits such as reduction in cost due to customization can be limited to a portion of the application, rather than needing an overhaul of the entire system. It makes developer easy to understand the system.


MVC - Model View Controller

The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform follows MVC architecture for faster development process. It allows developer to change view layout(theme) to render application content. Any modification does not affect entire model


Developer Friendly

The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform provides plugin architecture so that developer can easily add extra functionality to application by writing plugins. The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform  also allows developers to easily integrate the application with external platforms through variety of means. It provides event notification mechanism to notify external systems whenever an event(order create/update, shipping etc..) occurs. This is useful to connect with external applications like CRM, Shipping, Warehouse management platforms. 


API Ready

The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform  provide API which can be used B2B business model. NodexPress Ecommerce Platform allows vendors/sellers and dropshippers to sell on your platform or dropship your products on extennal platforms by accessing your inventory via API.


Mobile Responsive

The NodexPress Ecommerce Platform displays perfectly on all screen sizes. This makes pages load properly on mobile devices thus makes higher conversation rates by attracting mobile users.